Top Ten Replayable Comic Book Games of All Time (Comic Book Resources)

Want a comic book game with some real legs? Comic Book Resources names its top ten most replayable comic book games of all time!

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Loadedklip2479d ago

Marvel comics clearly have had better game than DC comics has had overall. But this list kinda fails in that it missed the single BEST comic book video game of all time ... Batman Arkham Asylum.

TheDCD2479d ago

It was supposed to focus on "classic" games. Besides, once you beat all the challenge rooms and the game on the hardest difficulty, is Batman Arkham Asylum really replayable?

Rocket Sauce2479d ago

I still play Spider-Man 2 all the time. There's something therapeutic about just swinging around.

Relientk772479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

I love Spider-man 1 and 2 on PS1 (these are not the movie games)