E3 2011 -- How Sony can deliver the goods ( writes:

"2011 is shaping up to be arguably one of the biggest years in gaming history, let alone Sony’s, and therefore should play host some eyeball-popping spectacles. Half the year has nearly passed with a series of stonking PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable offerings, and with six more months to go – not to mention teasing next year’s line-up – expectations are understandably high for the platform holder’s anticipated E3 presser. As such, PSU has highlighted the key areas where Sony can guarantee rapturous applause, while concurrently avoiding another 2006-esque cringe-fest.

Join us now as we list our expectations for Sony’s E3 2011 festivities."

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house2752d ago

basically the one thing they have to do and always deliver show games! lots of games, what i want to see not only games but the ngp pricing and specs

news4geeks2752d ago

I'm quite nervous for sony. Got a feeling they are going to get owned by microsoft.