Rumor: God of War 4 pops up on Australian release list

God of War 4 has apparently appeared on a new Australian release list.

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Kran2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I know you said to think before you call it out as fake, but theres really no source is there?

Just with somebody saying:

"Hey guys, I did a search and nothing definitive came up, hope it’s okay to post. I was at a game store today (Australia) and noticed that the new release list now has God of War 4. I am sure this is a pre-E3 accidental leak or something, but this certain retailer is careful to confirm details before customers can pre-order."

isnt going to prove anything. A picture should have been took or the name of the store. SOME hard proof.

Sure. We'd all love God of War IV to be announced, and it most likely will be, but until we have proper proof, its still a speculation for E3.

Shok2486d ago

Meh, we all know it's coming eventually anyways so it's whatever lol.

darthv722486d ago

with him kicking the crap out of zeus in part 3, what is there left for him to take on?

ksense2486d ago

how about them god damn nazis!!! god of world war

CryWolf2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Or a spin off cause there still a lot of things we still don't know about krato yet like what happen to him after god of war 3 ended and what about the DLC for God of War 3 where Kratos is fighting a 3 way again Zeus, Gaia.

darthv722486d ago would be cool to find out how he got to be the way he is. A back story of him fighting with the spartan army and his rise (and fall) to becoming the grey beast man he is.

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rebirthofcaos2486d ago

well, if true it will be interesting how they will continue the series, of course, the more kratos the better

fei-hung2485d ago

well they could have kratos go after the norse gods i.e. thor, oden, loki etc. that would make for some good killing fun.

rajman2486d ago

OMG imagine the joy if God of War 4 is revealed at E3 =D

Game0N2486d ago

whats wit all these effin leaks already

CoD5112486d ago

Mm, GoW4 :D Thought GoW3 was meant to the last one though?

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The story is too old to be commented.