It Doesn't Matter: Konami Pre-E3 Video Thing

Instead of embarrassing themselves like they did last year with a live press conference, Konami decided to go a safer route and control every aspect of the release. But "safer" wasn't exactly the smart choice. In the video that was released to GameTrailers, Konami announced what it had planned for the rest of the year. Sure, there were some surprises, but overall it was pretty lackluster. In fact, it was bad.

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user8586212752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Meh as long as other companies dont follow this idea, I like having streams of conferences that way announcements arn't spoiled

wiggles2752d ago

A little bit harsh but I agree with the authors statements.

I wasn't to impressed with never dead, and I got really bored of the elevator comedy section, it wasn't even to funny, it just seemed like they wanted to have an hour long press conference.

But the HD collections was nice, and the new engine looks like it has potential.

The only thing I am not sure about is Transfaring. It seems like a cool idea on paper, but I don't think I really need to have all my games with me everywhere I go. That, and I don't see myself really playing handheld titles. Although I am sure it is very cool for someone who has a PSP or plans on getting NGP.

VampiricDragon2752d ago

konami was really really bad at yesterdays thing.

All rehashes, more or less nothing new ( yes I know about hill)

Konami is only good for metal gear, suikoden, castlevania

Without 2 new of these, they are nothing

soundslike2752d ago

I wish Hideo would just leave Konami before he gets stuck to another humongous mistake like Konami ID

Omega Zues2752d ago

I cant say I fully agree with what this article has to say but the one thing I was disappointed with was the lack of hardly any thing new. While the HD remastered are neat and I look forward to ZOE in 2012 theres still nothing new. Here I was hoping for Hideo to unveil a new game and all I got was a dog and horse...with some trees.

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