EA’s Origin: Will it compare to Steam?

"Today EA has released their new “brand” as they call it, Origin, which offers you all your favourite EA PC games for direct download. This sticks it in the direct firing line of Valve’s behemoth, Steam." - PureDarkness

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maxcavsm2728d ago

What the hell is this? Impulse, anyone?

ATiElite2727d ago

Steam made over a Billion dollars last year so everybody and their momma is gonna start popping up a Digital Disto service.

These companies are just looking to make some money while Steam on the other hand makes a ton of money only because they cater to the GAMERS FIRST. GFWL is useless and horrible and I expect money hungry EA origins to be the same crap.

My only fear is that these "Steam Clones" will stop releasing their games on Steam which will cause a BOOST in NON-Steam PC Games being pirated.

Fir3truck2728d ago

Wow it's kinda like Sony taking on Nintentdo in the handle market. It might hold well for the EA crowd (see how I avoided using Fanboy) but I don't if can stand up to Steam.

TheStonedSheep2728d ago

Steam has the market covered, I think this will end up another Windows Live.

Emilio_Estevez2728d ago

This seems like a bad idea, but so did Android going against iOS. Have to see how it plays out, a little competition never hurt anyone. It's will probably fail anyway.

Saryk2728d ago

As I have said in the past, years ago. What Steam has done will me done by the profitable publishers. It is only common sense. EA has the finances and the scope to pull this off.

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