Failure to Launch: How Nintendo Killed 3DS Interest in 9 Easy Steps

How did the 3DS go from hotly anticipated to mostly ignored in one short year?

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MultiConsoleGamer2667d ago

Ignored? Its already sold almost 3 million units world wide.

Peaceful_Jelly2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

3 million WW in almost 4 months? Even the PS3 sold more than that in its first few months at $600... And this is with no competition. And they are expecting to sell 15m by the end of the year even though sales are slowing down.

Maybe they are expecting huge Christmas sales? I don't know.

darthv722667d ago

i dont see the 3ds as failing. it is staying in line with the ds when it first came out. Generally this happens to pretty much everything.

When releasing the next version into the same market as the existing one you have slow sales. It is when focus is changed and more direct marketing and attention is paid to the new model that you start to see sales increase.

Lets face it..the ds/lite/dsi are like the ps2. Very popular and loads of games and priced right for parents to buy their kids. Does that make the 3ds a bad system??? Not in the least. It makes it more of a luxury system.

There have been plenty of luxury items that started off as such but eventually became mass market appeal because everyone could then get one. Cell phones, mp3 players, PS3's...etc.

If people are expecting run-away sales then they are not thinking realistically. Especially with current market conditions.

DNAbro2667d ago


StbI9902667d ago

looooool at the 3ds with the gun to its head...epic avatar must be and must have right asap lol

MasterCornholio2667d ago

They have good sales. But the impact could have been bigger if they released it during the holidays with a better launch lineup.

fluffydelusions2667d ago

The release time was fine, the lineup is what killed sales. Should have put Zelda or Metal Gear.

MAJ0R2667d ago

or if overall they made it better, like a second analog stick cuz we all know there is going to be like 10 iterations of the 3DS in the future

Kee2667d ago

Well, they don't gots no GAMES. They needed to wait and make the new pokemon for the 3ds. That would've shifted systems no doubt.

user8586212667d ago


and 3DS sell like hotcakes

Theyellowflash302667d ago

In the long run articles like this will look very stupid. 2 games need to be released. Mario and Pokemon then it is over. Not only that but sales weren't that bad the 3DS is actually already over 4 million units sold. In only 2 months. Thats damn good to me especially when the original DS sold 6 million units in about 6 months.

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