Ten E3 Announcements We'd Like To Hear But Probably Won't

E3 will be overflowing with news this year. Joystick Division looks at ten announcements that likely won't be made at the convention.

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garos822456d ago

good article. dreamcast 2 would be awesome! one can dream right?

Anderson82456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

power stone HD!!!

Marcello2456d ago

We can but dream for a Dreamcast 2 indeed, just like we can dream of Shenmue 3, FF7 Remake & RDR & LA Noire for PC.

thedriffter502456d ago

PS2 backwards compatibility

CapsLocke2456d ago

Hello? Half-Life 3? Doesn't ANYONE want to hear something about it??

El-Fenemeno12132456d ago

you just proved that they do

Carnage2456d ago

I totally agree with the Modern Warfare breathing room.

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