Why Microsoft will win E3

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte provides his opinion on Microsoft and whether or not they will outdo the competition.

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O'Boy! FYI I personally say Sony and Nintendo has it in the bag. But I believe that Microsoft will be a Shocker!

LOGICWINS2753d ago

Yeah, M$ will undoubtedly have something BIG up their sleeves..but Sony will "win" for me personally because the PS3 is the only console I own lol.

BulletToothtony2753d ago

It will "win" it because no matter what they do IGN and Gametrailers will say that they won it.

And we are nothing but humble gamers so we can't say that a crapload of exclusives is better than having Slash to perform on stage. As well as a few pre-recorded videos of ideas that MS has.

In 2 hours Sony couldn't even talk about all the games they had. And in 2 hours MS had like 3 different performance of stuff that hardcore gamers don't care at all.

Yet a few websites said that MS won or if sony won it was by a VERY small margin.

VINNIEPAZ2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

When Sony fanboys see this title.....

EDIT - "Are you obsessed with PS3 fans or something, that's kinda weird.."

Well what I find weird is the Sony fanboys on this site (90%+ of this site) that think Sony is the almighty God himself and everything else sucks. I find them weird.

Anderson82753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

E3 should be interesting this year though

Nes_Daze2753d ago

Are you obsessed with PS3 fans or something, that's kinda weird..

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gamingdroid2753d ago

I can see Sony revealing something awesome at E3. I can see MS, but Nintendo?

I respect the Wii for it's success and what it has done, despite it not being my favorite console, but Nintendo has never wowed me this generation at E3. What about Nintendo do you think will make them the "winner"?

2753d ago
M_Prime2753d ago

Will Sony win because they finally got their PSN store to work again?

i think Nintendo will blow people away to be honest and then they will crush everyones hopes by releasing a new WII2 that is no better then PS3 or XBOX..

MS will have FORZA.. and probably a few Exclusive DLC.. though i can see something exclusive for MW3 on the xbox and some extra features for COD:ELITE. and of course.. the mighty GEARS...

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JOLLY12753d ago

I believe this will be a very interesting E3

Inside_out2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

...otherwise Nintendo will win with the dramatic and awesome showing of their new, twice as powerful ( so the rumor says ) new Wii hd console.

Sony has a lot of explaining to do and with it's up or it's down on line service. Add to that, they already announced almost every game you will see from them in the next 12 months. The PsP2 looks hot the price point will cool all of that hype.

Honorable mention goes to Apple who is holding their press conference at the same time as M$...wonder what they have up their sleeve???

Fishy Fingers2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Nintendo should have E3 covered. Their new console, even if designed with casual at the forefront, should be capable of much more than any current gen machine.

It might not be your personal 'winner', but they should draw the most attention/coverage.

LOGICWINS2753d ago

Yeah, as far as pacing and huge announcements are concerned..Nintendo's presentation is likely to to be the favorite among the media, just like last year.


Either way this will be the Biggest E3 of all time period! I'm so happy that GamerFitNation is going to cover the event as press! They had me at Zone of The Enderz!

GodofSackboy2753d ago

Stop promoting GamerFitNation when you work for them

Pyscho_Mantis2752d ago

diiiiick heeeeeead (say it like that)

niewytrzymam2753d ago

I have playstation since it did come out in 1994. Always loved it, was the best console for me and many of my friends. till now when i was with sony throe all this hard days and problems.
just to day turn my console on and saw all this free stuff to chose from.
did pick DEAD NATION (very good game) confirm that confirm some thing about welcome pack
(didn't read info as i never do press ok and of we go)

ERROR and i lost the chance to get any of the free stuff, FUCK YOU SONY tomorrow im selling my ps3 and i'll get XBOX (im spending my money on this shit want the best) stick with the winers from now on...

is this happen to any one else?

Fishy Fingers2753d ago

I'm confused, it's 'f*** you Sony' because you didnt bother reading?

Roboto2753d ago

You haven't lost anything you melodramatic berk, the servers are just getting hammered atm by all the people desperate to get free stuff.

Go to Account Management, Transaction Management, Services List and select SCEA Promotion. Then select the welcome back free games item and go to select content.

You'll probably get a bunch of errors as you navigate through the menu's but keep trying and you'll get there in the end. Or just wait a few hours for things to settle down a bit.

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