Develop 100 names world's best games developers, Nintendo takes #1 spot

Published by the editorial team behind Develop magazine ( – the leading international publication for games developers - the Develop 100 listing is produced in association with Metacritic and sponsored by gamecity:Hamburg.

Metacritic's global review score data for games released in calendar year 2010 was used to formulate the list, providing a thorough and accurate rundown of which studios create the best games, be they retail or digital releases, or PC, console or mobile games...

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Titanz2727d ago

Of course you would :P

Shok2727d ago

Of course you do. Cause the top 10 devs on that list arent Sony's studios lol. Expected on N4G.

SilentNegotiator2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

"Cause the top 10 devs on that list arent Sony's studios lol"

"4 SCE Santa Monica"
HERP DERP DERP No Sony studios! You mad!

You obviously didn't look at the list.
2 2D Boy (USA)
3 ZeptoLab (Russia)
I mean, come on. ANY way you look at it, there are better choices than some of these.

ZeptoLab has made 2 games. TWO. Two IPHONE games. One is Cut the Rope, and the other is much lesser known.
Is that all it takes to make this list?

Shok2727d ago

You completely misunderstood what I said lol. I said the top 10, meaning ALL of the first 10 studios aren't Sony studios. I didn't say "there's no Sony studio in the top 10."


SilentNegotiator2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

So he's supposed to be mad that they aren't ALL sony studios? Give me a break.

That's even more ridiculous than the way I mis-read it.

ChronoJoe2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Ever thought his disagreement might be something to do with 4(?) of the titles on that list making iphone games?

I mean honestly. I don't care if there game scored 10/10. If you're telling me games like

show more talent, from a studio, than games like Little Big Planet 2, or Killzone 3 then you're fucking deluded.

In general I disagree with this list because I don't think it takes into account the right factors to compile, such a list. Such a list should be separate relative to games price, these games are 9/10 for games that are priced at £3, games like LBP are 9/10 for games that are priced at £40. It's a significant distinction which isn't capable of reflecting itself in this list.

Don't get me wrong though. Not that I don't believe Nintendo should be up near the top too... but that also does have something to do with the fact that Nintendo ead is 5 separate development studios rolled into one.

somerandomdude2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

That "Cut the rope" game easily cost millions to make and was in production for years.

Naughty Dog needs to up their game.

somerandomdude2727d ago

2 2D Boy
3 ZeptoLab

Are these really some of the top developers?

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Shok2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Nintendo totally deserves it. They've made literally some of the best games of all time and have the highest selling franchises ever than any other company.

Squatch832727d ago

Couldnt really be any other company. Nintendo have been around over 100 years and still influence the world.

coryok2727d ago

some of those developers suck balls lol

Mac is OK2727d ago

Rockstar Leeds over Rockstar North?

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