Rumor: Kinect Tracking Receiving Major Updates

Despite being an incredibly impressive piece of hardware, Kinect is nothing without its software, and the tracking experienced at launch is certainly not the end of the road in terms of capabilities. There was even disparity between the performance of first party launch software, with Kinect Sports more responsive than Kinect Adventures by about 100ms.

Naturally, we expect developers will have got to grips with Kinect to a greater degree come the unveiling of the second wave of games at E3 next week, and a source at Eurogamer goes into quite some detail about what we can expect from Kinect software improvements for voice and facial recognition as well as full body skeletal tracking.

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ImHereNow2753d ago

MS already showed how Kinect can now recognize your facial expressions in Avatar Kinect.

And it will also be able to see individual fingers.

e3 is going to KICK ASS for Kinect.

THWIP712753d ago

...and no $25 add-on required, like with Wii Motion Plus.

JellyJelly2753d ago

Sounds really cool if true. Can't wait to see more of this.

DJMarty2752d ago

Stoped reading after 'incredibly impressive piece of hardware'.