IGN - PayDay Is Left 4 Dead with Banks

IGN - Have you ever seen one of those movies with an elaborate scheme to rob a bank and walk away with a huge payday? Ever wonder if you have what it takes to pull of such a caper yourself? Well, PayDay: The Heist, a new game coming to the PlayStation Network and PC, will give you the chance to find out.

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BeastlyRig2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I wonder if it's Cross Platform?
I think this is the first ever sony made shooter on pc!

Simon_Brezhnev2753d ago

I think so 2 well it is made by SOE i think. I hope it is cross platform and people with controllers will see how bad they suck against PC gamers.

kingjoker342753d ago

agency but it hasnt come out yet

ATiElite2752d ago

Oh hell yes!

I want this game. I love being the bad guy! Awesome new concept. Hopefully another big developer decides to clone this and take it several steps further as I can really see room for improvement but this is i'm gonna buy.

So say high to the bad guy. pew pew

T-K47x2753d ago

Looks cool, I love coop online games so this looks like another buy atm.

Klaykid1232753d ago

Looks a little... slow. Not as fast action and heart stopping as it says. The AI looks weak too.

Could be a gem though.

KILLERAPP2753d ago

Wow this sounds awesome...

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