The Hardest Video Games of All Time

GPT: "Nowadays, it’s pretty rare to see a video game released that is nearly impossible to beat. Sure there are those titles where it’s difficult to get all the trophies or achievements without really hunkering down and dedicating hours, but for the most part, games these days are pretty easy to beat."

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BeaRye2545d ago

How can you say most current games dont offer a challenge? That's stupid.

dktxx22545d ago

Most don't. That's why. I think your confusing the word "most" with "all".

DarkCharizard_2545d ago

Battletoads, Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels & Silver Surfer.

The hardest games of this generation are Donkey Kong Country Returns and Demon Souls.

VG_Releaser2545d ago

@Bearye: Are you nuts or just horrible at games? Modern games are way too easy.

AEtherbane2545d ago

ET was a balls hard game to beat!!!

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GunShotEddy2545d ago

What's up with Gene Simmons being a boss in Demon's Soul?

BattersUp2545d ago

Guitar Hero II - Bucket Head achievement

BiggCMan2545d ago

Thats not a game, and Jordan was not super hard once you practiced it enough.

DankJemo2545d ago

Really Doom II? I didn't expect this to make the list. The game was hard, but I never really thought it would make the "hardest games ever made" list... Cool deal. I still love the doom games, it's like going back in time, except now it runs on our cell phones.

Ares842545d ago

I admit that Demon's Souls wasn't an easy game but it isn't that hard either. If you know how to play and want to do it becomes very easy.

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The story is too old to be commented.