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Journey Gameplay (PS3)

From the creators of Flower comes Journey. Get your first look at actual gameplay as the characters weave through the desert sands. (Journey, PS3)

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fluffydelusions  +   1208d ago
The art style is amazing
Focker420  +   1208d ago
The fluidity of movement is incredible. Blew me away immediately.
Yi-Long  +   1208d ago
... it's art in motion! And it's interactive as well. Awesome.
lh_swe  +   1208d ago
Magically beautiful!
It looks soo calming and beautiful.
Rage_S90  +   1208d ago
Yup just like flower, so relaxing
Storm23  +   1208d ago
I have no idea what I was watching, but I want it!

I love games that break the mold and try unique things. Looks amazing.
SilentNegotiator  +   1208d ago
It LOOKs nice, but it seems boring judging by this video.
jizzyjones  +   1208d ago
MaximusPrime  +   1208d ago
electricshadow  +   1208d ago
Such a beautiful looking game.
DigitalRaptor  +   1208d ago
I don't really understand this game much, but I think, like Flower, I will do once I play it!

Day one!
user9422077  +   1208d ago
Only on the triple.
ElementX  +   1208d ago
Yeah, because thatgamecompany is a second party developer. smh
knowledge4lfe  +   1208d ago
your point is mute, because its a ps3 exclusive geniuse
Shanks  +   1208d ago
So many 360 fanboys on youtube o.o
Tr10wn  +   1208d ago
i could say the same in here

"So many PS3 fanboys on N4G o.o"
Danielmccue  +   1207d ago
I think a better statement would be:

"So many di*ks on youtube"
Lirky  +   1208d ago
Im going to blind buy this game like i did with dead nation because i regret buying dead nation a tiny bit , but buying this will make me overcome that i bought deadnation lol.
news4geeks  +   1208d ago
reminds me of flower
ElementX  +   1208d ago
I've never played Flower but I do have Flow
diehardgamer1000  +   1208d ago
Wow this is gona be like LBP in 2008.This is why i love Sony as a publisher,they take risks.This is one of the few cases for arguing tht gaming as an art-form.Fluid gameplay and the art is just breathtaking.
guitarded77  +   1208d ago
Pretty... can't wait.
Bounkass  +   1208d ago
Wow. This looks amzing. I can't wait! Better be good after numerous delay, lol.
Dragunov  +   1208d ago
That was just brilliant, reminds me when i first played ICO, lets hope is that good.
rebirthofcaos  +   1208d ago
so amazing, day one.
yewles1  +   1208d ago
That Game Company have done it again. Just as epic.
Tr10wn  +   1208d ago
is good art but is not epic... well unless you find jumping around epic then well its epic
TheDivine  +   1208d ago
Yea art is great and it looks interesting but the whole game is walking through a desert to a mountain????? Sounds kinda boring, they need some platforming and puzzles but il try it. I thought flower was pretty and it was unique but man its not even a game to me, its sooo boring. People hyped it as art and all but it just wasnt fun.
ElementX  +   1208d ago
So what do you do? Just run across sand dunes chasing a kite?

*EDIT* I'm trying to ask a serious question, you don't have to disagree
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dead_eye  +   1208d ago
No one knows.
TheKindRoost  +   1208d ago
the goal is to find out what that glowing on top of the mountain is. simple as that.
Simco876  +   1208d ago
Looks damn good, can't wait
DrillaKid  +   1208d ago
They've really nailed that sense of size and scale!
GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME  +   1208d ago
somehow now i want to play a game where i walk through a desert with nothing much to do.
THWIP71  +   1208d ago
More like "trip", if you get my meaning. 0_=
Tripl3seis  +   1208d ago
that was awesome day 1!!!
AllyOmega  +   1208d ago
This is my number one most anticipated PSN game for 2011. I absolutely loved Flower (FlOw, not so much), so I hope this game can come through for me.

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