110° - How Smartphones Are Changing The Gaming Landscape's Jason Borlase delivers his verdict on how Apple are changing the handheld games market.

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DA_SHREDDER2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Phones are taking all the gaming market share simply because they are multimedia devices. Mostly for music, gps, cellphones, and internet browsing,especially facebook. Tablets will soon take over pc's. Nintendo and Sony's devices seem limited compared to what the average cellphone can do now. Besides the analog sticks, there is nothing that the NGP and 3DS can do that phones cant. Therefore being irrelevant to the average consumer. Phones are a necessity to most people. Until Nintendo and Sony makes their products necessities, they will always only be part of the smaller handheld market.

sloth33952751d ago

show me a phone that can play uncharted or zelda then you might have a point about phones for playing games but until then you need a game device with buttons to play

Menech2751d ago

Phones can play Zelda with N64,GBA,SNES and NES emulators.

They could play Uncharted also if it wasn't a PS3 game which is way to powerful for any current handheld device.

sloth33952751d ago

you do know uncharted is going to be on the NGP

Aarix2751d ago

@sloth3395 He said CURRENT!!!

sloth33952751d ago

its coming out this year so i would say its current

Aarix2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Currently means NOW not soon. As in this generation of handhelds we have NOW!
On a side note I easily consider the iPod touch a gaming device with games like these...

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user8586212751d ago

Just because the Iphone has a few good puzzle games all of a sudden the gaming landscape is changing?.......

And im sorry but wasnt the Wii supposed to "Change" gaming also?? :S...

clearelite2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

It's not changing much. This is all marketing hype and dumbasses selling stories. If sony wanted to they could just release an NGP with a phone built in.

These articles were getting old like 6 months ago. Find something new to write about people.

"And im sorry but wasnt the Wii supposed to "Change" gaming also??"

OMG teh controller is dead!

Aarix2751d ago

Have you even seen some of the games that are on there or are you just talking out your ass?

Inzo2751d ago

Its articles like these that make gamers look stupid.

Takoulya2751d ago

I'm not sure whether the Wii or Smartphones changed the gaming landscape or not, but they sure as hell made a lot of money from it. Either way, I prefer dedicated devices over multimedia, especially a handheld gaming device over an iPhone.

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The story is too old to be commented.