Destructoid Preview: Journey

Destructoid - About fifteen minutes into my hands-on with thatgamecompany's Journey, I realized that the odd sense of déjà vu I was getting was a feeling I hadn't experienced since I was about seven years old. The Super Nintendo was the very first console I owned, and it opened up whole new worlds I never could have imagined. Games like Super Mario World felt like grand adventures that blew my young mind and left me in such a sense of awe.

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fluffydelusions2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

This game looks full of win. I love the art style.

TheKindRoost2755d ago

my most anticipated game of this year.

-Mezzo-2755d ago

Looks like something different than your average game, looks forward to it.

Kakihara2755d ago

I wasn't as blown away as some others were by their previous games (though I appreciated what they were going for) but this one looks amazing to me.

diehardgamer10002755d ago

I like how Sony always takes risks and doesnt always stick to the formula..this is sumthing fresh and innovative

sayonara892755d ago

Yes! That's why I love them...

ElementX2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

To be honest, thatgamecompany is a second party developer, they chose to work with Sony. They aren't first party so you can't say that Sony is taking risks, they are giving thatgamecompany a platform for their titles.

The same with XBLA titles, it's not MS taking a risk, companies are free to release any content that doesn't go against policies.

I have to check out Flower. I've heard good things about that game.

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