Pocket Gamer - Battleheart Review

Pocket Gamer - On a system that's mainly used when travelling, role-playing games very rarely manage to adapt to perfectly suit their new home.

Either they take the traditional route and take too long to get into their stride - not the best introduction when a normal sitting can be measured in minutes - or they just come across as shallow imitators of the real thing.

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schlanz2752d ago

Great game, marred by two things not mentioned in the review:

Difficulty: this game gets hard fast and grinding out previously finished levels is a near must in order to get through the game

Character control: can be frustrating at times when your party members come to close to each other. Its difficult to be accurate with moving or attacking your intended target.

Other than that, its a great game, wonderfully presented and full of content. Hopefully the game will get an update allowing you to select characters with portait icons rather than having to touch their sprites.