Kotaku: UFC Undisputed 3 Aims For A More Accessible Brutality

Kotaku: UFC Undisputed 3 represents more than just THQ's abandonment of the mixed martial arts simulation series as an annualized franchise, it's the game designed to welcome more virtual fighters into the fold. It's a game kinder to new players, but more brutal on its in-game MMA stars.

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RedPawn2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

LOL, ok maybe that was excessive, but I want to see leg snaps and what not.


-Mezzo-2751d ago

Din't THQ said that they are going away from Yearly releases of UFC?

PTRGamesTV2751d ago

This isnt yearly...its released next year and there is NO UFC Undisputed game this year with the exception of UFC Trainer.

They are shooting for an 18 month cycle just like the Fight Night Series.

kza2751d ago

Give me MMA 2!! "O thats right ufc forced them to sell up"

Pintheshadows2751d ago

I just can't wait for the Pride matches. Head stomps all the way.