Sony Paying the Way for Higher Education

Two fully paid scholarships to Birmingham City University’s Gamer Camp Pro Program are being offered by Sony to the most qualified candidates. The course lasts a full year and starts in September 2011. Graduates from the Gamer Camp Pro Program typically leave with their MA or MSc in Video Games Development.

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TheFodi2729d ago

Of course, once you accept their scholarship, they own you for life.

iamnsuperman2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

A little imature. It is good they do this. Helps them and the industry

Dart892728d ago

He just mad cuz they would never choose him:D.

M4I0N32728d ago

yeah definitely, would like to see what cool games they make outta these developer slaves :D.

Silly gameAr2728d ago


Probably some of the best.

limewax2728d ago

I would be their slave a free education in the field, If I knew Video Game Designer was a viable life choice as a kid I can say for sure, I wouldn't have taken this path

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diehardgamer10002728d ago

Damn im in south africa,only graduating in december with a games specialization.Really wish i cld get in on this one.

xtremexx2728d ago

how old do you have to be? im 14