EA Takes Another Shot At Activision, Creating Free BF3 Social Network

According to the official Battlefield Blog, EA has decided to bring Battlefield 3 gamers closer... much like Activision is doing with their just-announced project, Call of Duty Elite.

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xxxAnubisxxx2752d ago

perhaps another failed attempt at beating the best

BeastlyRig2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

of the worst?

BF3 ftw! They might offer call of duty:Elite features for free! I am sure EA can afford it!

Activision would look so dumb..

zeeshan8102752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

COD is overrated!

gamingdroid2752d ago

Yes, because EA is so nice they:

- introduced online pass forcing you to pay again for other family members (or friends) wanting to play online. Something YOU ALREADY PAID FOR!

- also introduced EA store where you were they charged you extra for re-download service (similar to another evil corporation called GameStop). Only recently did they give up on that...

Thanks, but no thanks EA!

snipermk02752d ago

If we are to call ourselves gamers, then we all need to support Dice and BF3. simply look at the amount of features and changes the battlefield series brings. All the way from bf 1,2 and 3... COD is the same old rehashed crap year after year. "oh, look people! New killstreaks! Pls pay us $60 cos we worked so hard to come up with an innovative and fun list of killstreaks."

fullymoated2752d ago


"CoD is the same rehashed game" - um, which series isn't? BF3 looks wicked sick, but guess what? ..BF3 is rehashed and BF3 has immature teenagers online. Go get some original material for your trash talking.

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Trunkz Jr2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

CoD players have fork up money while BF players get the same stuff for free, ouch for them lool

Enate2751d ago

Actually in all fairness COD put out a bad video. Everything in the video was presumed a paid feature. When in fact pretty much 98% of what they showed was free. The video they put out did the worst job ever of explaining what was what. This does a much better job.


Everything on that list is free. Which was pretty much the whole video. Minus competing for real prizes and the 24/7 events.

DEADEND2752d ago

Smart move, one less advantage Acticrap has over EA.

yarbie10002752d ago

This is the year of EA - Mass Effect 3 - Fifa - Madden - BF3 - STAR WARS!!!

jizzyjones2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

ME3 next year im afraid

xxxAnubisxxx2752d ago

There have been reports of ME3 being playable for media at E3 this year... so don't count it out of this years show... but it will be a 2012 release.

zeeshan8102752d ago

next year MOH, Fifa, Madden, Tiger Woods PGA, etc.

Chocoboh2752d ago

Free to play games already offer for free what CoD Elite has to offer. Activision is a joke.

Fishy Fingers2752d ago

I know people are making a deal out of because of COD's Elite service, but this sort of thing isnt anything new.

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The story is too old to be commented.