THQ Confirm uDraw for Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3

The revolutionary uDraw GameTablet from THQ, which has defined an entirely new category of gaming creativity on a videogame console, will come to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles this autumn, it was officially confirmed today by Brian Farrell, THQ's President and CEO. For its planned November debut worldwide on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, uDraw will adopt an entirely new look: a sleek, contemporary design that incorporates console controls directly into the uDraw GameTablet.

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Godmars2902752d ago

Give it an app for LBP2.

Chocoboh2752d ago

That'd actually make sense lol

Always wondered if Sony would release something like that

ATiElite2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I think it's about time something like this came to these "supposedly" next-gen consoles. uDraw would be a way to offer a ton of educational games for the younger gamers out there (and some of you idiots) between COD marathons.

Sure wii and especially V-tech have a lot but many younger kids are shying away from those systems for the bright lights and big explosions of the PS3 and 360.

Video-Gaming style education really helps kids learn faster cause they are learning and applying what they have learned in a fun way.
Bravo to THQ!

clank5432752d ago

This looks intensely stupid.

MRHARDON2752d ago

I agree, I don't think there is a drawing game on the XBOX 360 or PS3? If there is, there surely can't be enough to warrent a drawing pad?

LocO_o2752d ago

Eye Pets had you drawing something for the little monkey dog or what ever it is.

ChickeyCantor2752d ago

"I don't think there is a drawing game on the XBOX 360 or PS3?"

Really now?
The whole idea of this uDraw is to create games for it.

MRHARDON2752d ago


Its like releasing a new console without any games....
"Here is the next gen console but we dont have any games, so go make games for it guyz!!?

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ozstar2752d ago

The Monkey Dog?

Yeah ok

MrDead2752d ago

They should link it to sports games so you can do your own commentary complete with on screen scribbling, "he should of kicked the ball over there bob"

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Who2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Hmm, it does seem useless, especially when we have kinect and move that can pretty much do the same thing?

Beatsketcher anyone?

LoaMcLoa2752d ago

Kinect and Move are far from as accurate as a tablet, mostly because you can relax your hand on it.

I would like to see this being compatible with Little Big Planet 2, it would save you lotsa time.

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