Games on Smash: Infamous 2 Demo Video Impressions

Infamous 2 Demo Video Impressions

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Godmars2902756d ago

Going to take me a while to get use to the thing they've done with the camera. And the control feels...slippery.

jneul2756d ago

I tried out the demo yesterday and was really amazed by the gameplay and graphics and story so far is pretty good, the irritating thing is the actor i guess, but i'll get used to him eventually 9/10 for me

xtremegamerage2756d ago

Godmars think the controls are loser, but that might just be sens.etc.

Maybe worth playing around with config.

clearelite2756d ago

I played the demo yesterday. I thought the controls were weird for a few minutes too, but once I got used to them they were actually amazing, refreshing, and different. But, not so different that they take a long time to get used to, as I was kicking a$$ in like 5 minutes. I would give the demo a 9+, maybe a 9.5 if I had to give it a score. This game is awesome.