Gamer's Corner: Top Tips To Get Your Girl Into Gaming

Gamer's Corner writes; "6) Vidzone - Most females like some sort of music, again this is an easy way to ease her into switching on the PS3, using a dualshock and navigating around the system without the hardcore approach of dropping her into Battlefield Bad Company 2 online. Getting pwned by soldiers might be a bad idea, on the other hand she might like being overcome by men in uniform....ahem."

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Jonmau52750d ago

Many of the immature on here are reporting posts as lame that are about girls probably because they still believe they give them cooties...

If the post has something serious to say then it is fine by me.

limewax2750d ago

Not that I went against it, but have to say, I wouldn't take this as particularly great advice here. I know loads of girls who game and most of them don't care for dance games and such at all.

Personally my partner prefers Portal 2, RDR, and any Popcap games, They have as varied a taste in games as men really

terrordactyl2750d ago

True, it's a serious post about getting girls into gaming for your sake and hers. It's not a cheap titty article.

MARKUS_MAX1MUS2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

There is a game for everyone of any taste :P

Just find a game she likes, one of my friends who is a girl loved gears of war despite it being childishly manly :S

AlienFodder2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I'm a little tired of reading those tips about trying to get your GF into dance games and freakin' My Little Pony WiiWare crap... As other commenters have mentioned here, not all girls and/or women are into that. Besides, if that's what your GF likes, chances are you'll never get her to play any hardcore games with you anyway so you might as well cut your losses right there and don't bother.

That being said, I definitely agree with Tomb Raider as a choice for a first game. TR Underworld was the first one I've ever played and even though I thought it was very difficult at the time, I believe it's an excellent choice for a first-time female gamer. It's also fairly easy to go past Lara Croft's very obvious "assets" because she totally rocks. :)