Metal Gear Solid 3D gets a visual downgrade

The 3DS Tribe take a look at the new trailer for Metal Gear Solid 3D which appears to show the game get a visual downgrade from what we've previously seen at E3 2010.

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SonyNGP2665d ago

It still looks good if you ask me.

treesmurf112665d ago

Compared to the PS2 version definitely although it's sadly not as nice as when we first seen it on 3DS.

Danteh2665d ago

this is site so incredibly negative in all of their articles, look at them lol! I mean yeah criticism is fine but when your site is about the N3DS it's quite strange to have such a lack of enthusiasm...

Unbiased, yeah, depressing, no thanks xD

UnbiasedGamer2665d ago

Gone are the days MGS being known as exclusive. Xbox 360 has Metal Gear Solid too. Hideo even said for future games it will be multiplatform. MGS5 definately will be on Xbox 360 aswell now.

SonyNGP2665d ago

Metal Gear was never an exclusive franchise.

UnbiasedGamer2665d ago

Agree. Since MGS2 appeared on Xbox and MGS1 appeared on GC and numerous other spin offs all over the place. But it was known to be the leading game for Sony PlayStation and the number 1 franchise which Sony fan boys love. Including me. Even though I would want MGS5 exclusive like MGS4..but this new direction MGS i guess is good for both parties :D

GrieverSoul2665d ago

The only thing exclusive are the first party games. Those will always remain exclusive.

You never know... maybe Gears of War Collection will get a release for the PS4 some time in the future. Metal Gear Solid never was an exlcusive besides 4. And if it gets release right now for the X360 it wouldnt matter at all. Its like Splinter Cell Conviction getting released in the PS3. It wouldnt be a decisive factor in sales or anything else.

El_Colombiano2665d ago

What does this have to do with the article? Who cares what platform Metal Gear Solid releases on?

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pain777pas2665d ago

the screen is very small and will hide alot of what you may think looks soft or watered out.

DaThreats2665d ago

It would have gotten an upgrade on the NGP

treesmurf112665d ago

Even though you're trolling I suppose you're right haha.

richierich2665d ago

God we have 3DS fanboys already

disgaeapuchi2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Unfortunately the PSP2/Sony Vita edition looks to be the same as the PS3/360 HD reissue version - so the same visuals as PS2, in high res. Still, it's great to see this classic playable on more consoles.

BlmThug2665d ago

It Would Have Got A Massive Upgrade On NGP. 3DS Is Outdated

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koehler832665d ago

What does it matter? If you want it on the go, there you go. In 3D even.

If you want a graphical upgrade, then get the HD collection.

StbI9902665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Nah, if you want the full package get the next iteration on the vita ;).

Cross platforming plus HD upgrade? no chance for a watered down version lol-


koehler832665d ago

If by 'full package' you mean complete speculation, I'd agree.

Though NGP's resolution is not 720p, it will still be lower resolution and thus lower detail than the HD collection. It's one thing to port without disparity, it's another to render at a higher resolution. I'd take higher res any day. That's exactly the problem with 3DS, it's lower resolution than a standard television and therefore can't display the same detail as the PS2. Chances are the polygon count and textures haven't changed at all.

jidery2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

You need to do some research, resolution does not mean better visuals...

NarooN2665d ago

Actually if you want it on the go, you could get it on the NGP as well, as well as the other MGS games, SH2 and 3, and the ZOE series. Just sayin'.

Yangus2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Sad,but true-
Ps2 version better-Visuals.

user8586212665d ago

is it in 3D no? then how is it better :S...

theonlylolking2665d ago

Neither is the "3DS". The only game that has any type of 3D that you can see on the 3ds is street fighter and even that is hardly 3d.

likerussia2665d ago

Yeah it sucks, I loved the updated look so much :c way to tease us, Kojima.

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