OXM: Hunted: The Demon's Forge Review

OXM writes: "Deep in Hunted's cobwebby catacombs, protruding from a pile of mouldering bones behind one of its chatty enchanted stone head portals, there's an enormously fun, startlingly forward-thinking action role-player."

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GuruStarr782750d ago

Bought this game and re-sold it within 24 hours... yeah, it's that bad.

Really dissapointing because I thought this was going to be something special. Maybe if I was'nt such a "lone - gamer" it might have been better, but the multiplayer aspect did nothing for me.

TheLastGuardian20102750d ago

the co-op is where it's at dude.

Simon_Brezhnev2750d ago

well i know i wont like it then i like depending only on myself. Well u know just about all new games have multi. I have yet to see a good hack and slash multiplayer.

Hockeydud192750d ago

Actually the online multiplayer is quite fun. If you find a good map using the dungeon editor "Crucible" you and a partner will have a good time just holding out against wave after wave of enemies. Be warned though the enemy variety is small.

Jam_sponge2750d ago

What struck you as bad about it in particular?

000000000000000000012750d ago

I'm playing single player and find it's a lot of fun! I will play threw again to try and find all the stuff I missed the first time!

moaradin2750d ago

I'm playing it with a friend and its a blast. Definitely the best dungeon crawler I played in years.