That Unsung Musical Secret of Great Games—and How Some Games Get It So Wrong

Kirk Hamilton — Any great video game has a groove to it, a kinesthetic dance of feedback and response that can easily be thought of as a kind of music.

Call it "The Rhythm of Play." Our fingers push and pull with the beats and pulses of the game, using the controller to develop a cadence as surely as a drummer does when slicing his sticks around a drum kit or when a pianist bangs out chords with both hands.

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duplissi2755d ago

awesome read. soo true.

kneon2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Well written, yet I disagree with almost every example he used. For example Dead eye is crap, I probably only used it a couple times the whole game as I didn't find it enjoyable or satisfying at all, so I ignored it.

Kee2755d ago

Not one mention of the sonic megadrive games? Those games personify video game music excellence/perfection.