55 Million Xbox 360s Sold In Six Years, Says MS

Microsoft has just gone live with some new figures, revealing that 360 has now sold sold 55 million consoles across 38 countries during the six years it’s been on the market.

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green2754d ago

Kinect has really injected a lot of life into the system.

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green2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

@ El Jugador: You are mistaken .Sony announced last week global PS3 sold at 50 million. Microsoft announced in January that they were at 53.6 million.

So now they announce 55.5 million a week after Sony, which means the gap has grown to 5.5 million.

€Tinted eyes: If the numbers come direct from the console manufactuer, then they are talking about sold to retailers and not consumers because the retailers have already paid them for the units.

Quagland2753d ago

^The 53.6 figure is from March, as is Sony's figure of 50 million. So the gap was 3.6 million at last count, we don't know what PS3 sold in April/May yet.

sickpup2753d ago

Kinect has only been out a little while. I am sure it helped sell some numbers in the last 6 months but 6 years is a long time of strickly game/entertainment driven sales.

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movements2754d ago

Huge numbers... "Microsoft said this number is “triple the growth of PlayStation 3 and the largest growth of any console on the market.” Whoa.

Dark3602754d ago

Very well done Microsoft...Congratulations

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sickpup2753d ago

The big question in the formula is: SOLD - BROKEN = ACTUAL. All the RROD and other broken 360s should not count as those were replaced for owners in warrenty. I would like to see a breakdown of sales for each SKU.

The_Ultimate_Guy2753d ago

I am waiting for that same break down for all the consumers that got YLOD and had to buy new PS3's.

Tito082753d ago

Which YLOD are fewer than RRODS

Mustang300C20122753d ago


So prove it. You got sickpup to help you so get together and make it happen. Proof to us the ACTUAL numbers and not a article bsing about numbers.

Tito082753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

RedHemi300c- I don't have anything to prove and don't need to, RROD was a very well known issue since the 360 launched back in '05, RROD, E-74, scratch discs, disc-tray sometimes don't open, that sounds like a faulty system don't you think, of course there's YLOD, but it wasn't as such a big deal as RROD, you make a big deal about it because it didn't have a 3 year warranty like MS did with 360, because the truth is, for your information, PS3 is less faulty than 360!!!!!

tplarkin72753d ago

If you're concerned about inflated numbers, look at game sales. If MS counted RRODs as double sales, the game sales would indicate that. Xbox 360 games sell more than PS3.

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