What Kind of Kinect Games Can Appeal To Both The Casual And Hardcore Gamer?

For some gamers, no matter what you do, Kinect or even any kind of motion gaming is not their cup of tea – and that’s ok. There is still a lot to explore with standard controls such as narrative and lesser explored genres. So let’s get this straight: standard controls will never go away. The pinpoint accuracy and immediate response you get from standard controls is unmatched. Yet, there are some gamers out there that want something new.

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hennessey862603d ago

Kinect was fun for me but it quickly got forgoten about but if microsoft can get some decent games out ill remove the cobwebs and boot it up again

fluffydelusions2602d ago

That rise of nightmares looks pretty neat. I'd be all over it if I had a 360/Kinect.

DigitalRaptor2602d ago

I might say the same, if they'd actually release any footage of it! Guess it's waiting on E3 really!

Bigpappy2603d ago

I still use mine every week since release. I have add Monkey-S-M-Do to my collection. That game is more challenging than I expected, and you do improve with pratic. I also got the Kung Fu Panda2 for the kids, which to me works well but does not have enough action and is too much like an enteractive movie.

ape0072602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

yeah u only can say that behind the screen

VINNIEPAZ2602d ago


And you sound like a Sony sheep

VampiricDragon2602d ago

I applaud this article. At least they said standard controls will never go away

Rikan2602d ago

I'm still waiting for a Kinect porno...

THWIP712602d ago

I'd expect something like that from Sony, since they're a Japanese company. Everyone knows how Japanese can't do anything without perverting it and mixing sex with it. Their culture is pretty much tied to sexual perversion.

Rikan2602d ago

LMAO very true. It would be hilarious if Microsoft demo a Kinect adult title. Bill Gates thrusting on stage lol