El Shaddai Gets Western Release Date, New Trailer

SPOnG: "Japanese action platformer El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron will be seeing a Western release thanks to UTV Ignition Games. The publisher has announced a launch date of 26th July for North America and 9th September in Europe."

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Surfaced2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Oh crap. It launches on the same day as Catherine.

Looks like July 26th will be the first day I buy two $60 games at once.

Lavalamp2748d ago

Oh snap, you're right! Both it is, then!

forevercloud30002748d ago

This is shockingly really good looking. how did this slip under everyone's radar? I'm gonna have to pick this up if early reviews say its not too broken or anything. Loving the tag lines tho...
"If Lady Gaga made a video game..." LOL

DragonKnight2748d ago

You really shouldn't base purchases on reviews.

forevercloud30002748d ago

I don't base a purchase solely on what a review says. Its compared with what my personal interests are against the review. When I read a review I am more so looking for what the mechanics of the game are and less so what the writer's opinion is.

For example: When looking at a review for an under the radar RPG I sift for a few things...
Powerranger like transfermations= +
Turnbase vs action
Anything like DragonQuest = a No buy
Made by Level 5/Square Enix = usually right up my alley

DragonKnight2748d ago

That's some interesting tastes you have there.

On a side note, Square Enix makes DragonQuest. Lol. Why don't you like DQ?

MassOnesumis2748d ago

Great! I have been waiting awhile to hear that. The demo didn't make the wait any easier.

nilamo2748d ago

**** yes, my body is ready.