EA Launches Origin

New Direct-to-Consumer Platform Offers Anytime, Anywhere Access to
Gaming’s Best Content Including Battlefield 3, FIFA 12 and More

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BeastlyRig2480d ago

Yes more competion more sales!! I have a feeling next gen pc games will be even cheaper!

M4I0N32480d ago

hopefully, but valve need to expand steam to the mobile/portable market as 'Origin' seems to be able to do so.

DB92480d ago

This is nothing new. It's just EA Download Manager, which has been rebranded into Origin. EA Download Manager was it self rebranded from EA Download.

EA is just desperate to try and compete with Steam.

Menech2480d ago

EA own steam so go figure?

Vip3r2480d ago

*EA publish Valve's games on the consoles. Go figure?

M4I0N32480d ago

dude, you must be joking... you seriously didnt know valve owned it?

Thrawn452480d ago

Next we will be hearing EA say " Hallowed are the Ori"

Nuclearwinter2480d ago

"And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down shall be laid low and made unto dust."

TheColbertinator2480d ago

So the name is Origin...interesting.

Reminds me so much of Ultima.

zeal0us2480d ago

oh another one them

jeez we already got GFWL,Steam and now this. How hard is it to just have one freaking thing or at least let them cross-perform/play along with each game thats sold on them.

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