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ThanatosDMC2752d ago

I swear they milk these games so much.

red2tango2752d ago

nobody buys them anymore though lol thats whats funny

dexterganpot2752d ago

lol actually i work at GAME and its still bought loads, its one of the biggest selling franchises.

Saryk2752d ago

It's one of the biggest selling games out there for PC.EA wouldn’t make the expansions if they didn’t sell.

Jellzy2752d ago


Pets should really be part of the original (Sims 3) these days.

Also half of the features of generations should be included in a patch rather than an expansion.

ThanatosDMC2751d ago

It's just that I bought everything Sims 2 for my gf and I don't like that they make a sequel with less than a third of the game before it. Money hungry bastards... sadly I'll buy this game as a gift.