Duke Nukem Forever screenshot comparison shows inferior PS3 and Xbox 360 versions

Duke Nukem Forever looks good on the PC, despite the long development cycle. But the console versions show a whole other image quality with heavy aliasing and dumbed-down lighting quality. Check the screenshot comparison for proof.

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Surfaced2724d ago

Oh my! 6-year-old consoles can't keep up with the latest PCs! How could it ever happen??!

Oldsnake0072724d ago

Yeah because DNF is gonna be the next graphical benchmark right ? lol.

Give me a break, this game looks terrible no matter what platform, but it seems to have fun gameplay to back it up.

2724d ago
LocO_o2724d ago


Thats very common with Gear Box games. This happend allot in Boaderlands.

Too_many_games2724d ago

PC gamers just do not seem to understand that its Gameplay>>>Graphics.

Angels37852723d ago


It actually very common with the unreal engine in general. Texture pop in is in Gears 1,2 and I'm willing to bet Gears 3.

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UnbiasedGamer2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Big deal there is a few jaggy lines? you PC morons going to magnify and zoom in just to find jaggy lines and low res textures. Newsflash no one cares as long as it looks good and DNF is not exactly the next graphical powerhouse game is it now...

Killzone 3 & Uncharted 2 said hi to PC gamers lol

oh Crysis & Battlefield 3 said hi back to console gamers haha

BeastlyRig2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Bf3 & Metro on pc will say bye to consoles & move ahead!
Do you know how MSaa makes games look better? it's used in bf3!

And 1080p has more pixels and 720p leave some the picture cut out even though you play on bigger screens you see less of the game world than me!

Greater field of view on pc. 180 degree turns, Anti aliasing matters, higher frame rate, monitors are better for first person shooters because of response time unlike tvs & higher frame rate on gaming pc!

Moron there are a lot more things than AA that makes pc better! ok?

hiredhelp2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Wahey im in kindergarden. Is this a private fued or can anyone join in.
OMG really??

DeadIIIRed2724d ago

@BeastlyRig you must not like bubbles very much

metsgaming2724d ago

Is there really a need for an article stating that the PC verions of a game looks better than its console counter parts?

frostypants2724d ago

I have to laugh at these. Yeah, the PC is better than the versions for the now-old console hardware.'s still nowhere CLOSE to the difference we'd see between console and PCs last gen, and the gen prior to THAT wasn't even worth comparing.

So yeah, the PC version looks better, but it's not the night and day we saw back in the old school days.

Jacobite2723d ago

Yes that because consoles being the main platform now is holding the PC gaming back, as Devs go for buck rather than pushing Graphics Hardware. So why push hardware now that they can settle with fixed hardware.
ps When I say holding PC gaming back I mean in graphics.

frostypants2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Nope. PC gaming has simply become commoditized. It has nothing to do with consoles and everything to do with corporate greed.

And sorry, even PC games that push the limits don't reflect the same superiority over consoles games that they did in the 1990s. People can disagree, but they're wrong. Sorry, it's fact. Nobody who gamed back then can disagree with a straight face. There was a massive shift in the playing field when consoles finally started pushing texture-mapped polygons.

As graphics approach photo-realism, it takes more and more horsepower to make smaller and smaller discernible improvements. Thus, it takes more and more money to maintain a smaller and smaller visual advantage for PCs, even after you account for technology cost depreciation. It's a hyperbolic curve.

This is one topic I'm not willing to cede any ground on. I challenge you to find a developer who disagrees.

Vherostar2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Oh no a pc game looking better than console games?? This has been going on since the day the consoles got released lets move on please.

Only thing that worries me if these are real it looks TERRIBLE on consoles..

Rikan2723d ago

Consoles never keep up with PCs--be it 1,2,3,4,5 6 ect years old lol

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SonyNGP2724d ago

Well, I'll get this when I build a new rig in July ;)

ProjectVulcan2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Hit up the image original size link in the bottom right hand corner....

The game has always been a PC game. The console versions are ports really, which is why they are below usual quality i would say. Its built for PC hardware (old PC hardware cos of the game's delays!) and not for console like most games of this type.

Because of the delays and the constant upheavals in development, you can't expect a graphical powerhouse regardless of platform.

jack_burt0n2724d ago

I am gonna get it on steam but differences are minor the most obvious thing is the 360 seems to have half the poly count on the guns, that sucks but other than that they look decent.

mttrackmaster382723d ago

I don't know how you got disagrees. The gun textures on 360 version makes it look like the guns are from ps2.

DigitalAnalog2724d ago

At least the Full-HD would bring out the clarity of the image. Not to mention the crisp frame-rate to compensate. Just played it on the demo and I was pretty stoked.

-End statement

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