XCOM Confirmed For PS3/Xbox 360, March 2012 Release, New Trailer Inside

2K’s just sent live its XCOM PR, and in it we find out that XCOM will not only be coming to Xbox 360, but also PS3 and will come available in March of next year.

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PRHB HYBRiiD2753d ago

this WAS a 360 exclusive right?? what i would really like to see is kingdoms for 360 what ever happened to that game??

movements2753d ago

Yeah, it was a 360 exclusive. I like how it's looking! Can't wait!

NateCole2753d ago

Wanst it suppose to come on the PC as well?. I never considered it to be exclusive.

sikbeta2753d ago

WOW! I really thought it was never going to be a PS3 game after all this time, excellent news!

Vherostar2752d ago

Yep another "exclusive" bites the dust they dropping like flys it seems lately. PS3 lost a few too seems devs cannot afford single consoles any more it's why we need a single console from MS and Sony now as only 1st party seems safe these days.

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yume-k2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

That was just a rumor.

it wasn't exclusive when the game was first announced

Thrillhouse2753d ago

It wasn't an exclusive. It was also coming to PC.

Paradicia2753d ago

It wasn't a 360 exclusive. It was originally planned for PC as well. I Would have been happy if it was like the old games but this one just looks like a sub par FPS.

It seems everything is going multi-plat these days. Dark souls, MGS & Zoe HD collections..

MinusTheBear2753d ago

360 gets MGS collection PS3 gets Xcom, fair trade.

Vherostar2752d ago

Yeah MS gets a 5 year old+ port and Sony get a brand new game?? Not really fair.. But its not upto devs to be fair really. Glad its coming to PS3 because I prefer to buy my arcade games on PS3. I HATE the points system on 360.

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The Meerkat2753d ago

Now we know the reason for the delay.

SixShotCop2753d ago

I hope the game is good to begin with.

DevilishSix2753d ago

Xcom has been dark for over a year. Seems some changes were made. IT appears they have done away with the black oily goo and replaced it with a scaling effect on the enemies. Looks cool.

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