Rumour: Heavenly Sword 2 reveal at E3

Yet another hint towards Heavenly Sword 2 being revealed at E3 comes in the form of the latest Official PlayStation Magazine.

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MintBerryCrunch2603d ago

i thought the game was owned by would it go multi and why would Ninja theory of all devs work on it after they dragged the game through the mud, even though it was able to sell over a million copies, especially when the PS3 was going through a rough time once it released

I_find_it_funny2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

Ninja Theory said long time ago that they don't own the IP plus they wanted to develop for all platforms.

this is unexpected, not HS2 but NT doing it

Lifendz2603d ago

I think Ninja Theory expected the first one to sell gangbusters because it came out in 07 (I think) during a time when there weren't that many PS3 exclusives.

I'm not going to say Ninja Theory sucks because I enjoyed the first one a lot. But a new dev isn't a bad thing. Wish Sony could get Naughty Dog (or maybe Guerilla) to work on the sequel. And if they had some Move integration for the bow and arrow scenes that would be crazy.

sikbeta2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

NT has nothing to do with the Heavenly Sword IP anymore, Sony stay in charge of the IP they own and decide when it's going to be a new sequel and who is going to make it...

limewax2603d ago

Personally I would actually like to see this game given to the SCEJ studio. The fight scenes feel so heavily influenced by anime fight scenes I would love to see some devs from Japan have a crack at it

zootang2603d ago

I bet Santa Monica are behind it.

Boody-Bandit2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

If there is to be a HS2 game I hope it's none other than Santa Monica Studios that will take it on.

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Iamback2603d ago

rumor is bogus since Ninja Theory isn't working on it, but one of Sony's studios.
And thank God since Ninja Theory sucks!

Quagmire2602d ago

Ninja Theory sucks? Without them, we wouldnt be hoping for a Heavenly Sword 2.

Get your head straight.

Dragun6192603d ago

Yep, Heavenly Sword is a Sony owned Ip. And I'm pretty sure Ninja Theory haven't hinted at a HS sequel. More like made comments of how they barely made profit on HS, Wanted to go multiplatform, and that they're busy with their next project, DmC.

If Heavenly Sword 2 gets announced at E3, chances are NT isn't doing it.

Kain812603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

I so hope that this is of my favourite new Ips on the PS3

Edit: Heavenly Sword is a Sony IP, i think someone is missinformed here

Habylab2603d ago

Your right, don't know why we added that in! Thanks for the comment.

ShinnokDrako2603d ago

If it's true, i hope it's not Ninja Theory the developer.
But according to me there's no need to get the IP back, it had to appear and die with the first chapter, like a movie (movies without sequels, ofc).
I'd prefer something new, i start being a bit tired of sequels.

Sizzon2603d ago

Yes please, the first one was great & fun, although too short..

Max_Dissatisfaction2603d ago

Please be real, please please please be real! I miss Nariko :(

labaronx2603d ago

what if it turns out to be a ngp title, lol

think about it the controls are basically there, (dual analog, sixaxis) and then some

gustave1542603d ago

wow that would actually be awesome!!! and its possible since Valkyria Chronicles did that when the sequel went to the PSP so HS can do it too =)

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