Sony's PSN password website is down, defeats the objective

Product-Reviews writes: The drama doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of ending in terms of Sony and their PlayStation Network adventures. Despite the fact that gamers in the US and Europe can now access the PSN and PlayStation Store without any problems, those of you trying to change PSN passwords can’t – because Sony’s website is down.

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tr00p3r2453d ago

Can Sony get anything right?

Great that they bring the Store back, but if you can't change your pw to access it, what is the point exactly? Talk about shooting themselves in the feet.

DragonKnight2453d ago

How about you change your password on, oh I don't, your actual PS3 instead of using a PC? Crazy thought right?

Exactly how is a website going down some brand new occurrence that somehow means Sony is incompetent? It happens all the time, and if hackers are involved well then guess who is really at fault? I know you'll probably say Sony, but the correct answer is the hackers.

ThatIrishGamer2453d ago

Well I cant log in with my secondary account because when you try to log in youre told you cant sign in and you must click the link in an email that has been sent from your ps3 to your PC.

You then have to click that link only to get a "MAINTAINENCE" error on the website.

So anyone who got a replacement PS3 during the breach STILL can't play online.


DragonKnight2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

But you still can on your main account right?

NateCole2453d ago

I logged on PSn through my PS3 two days ago and it asked me to change my password using the link sent to my e-mail account. I have been clicking on it regularly and it puts up a aite maintenance page.

I haven't been on-line since the PSN went down. I hardly go online. Since the store came back up i thought of checking it out but now this. PSN outage didn't bother me one bit but this really is getting on my nerve.

You think that they would learn their lesson but they keep on screwing up. It really is not funny anymore.

ThatIrishGamer2453d ago

@DragonNight ONLY because I got my new ps3 the day before the lock out and logged in before the network went down. EVERYONE who got a new ps3 or refurb during the downtime is STILL locked out (main and secondary accounts) from logging in, as they need to verify via that email. I lucky because my refurb came the day before the breach. Others are not so lucky.

Kurylo3d2453d ago

@ DragonKnight...
no, they cant get on psn. See when psn first came back online everyone was required to change their password. It was mandatory. For those people who waited to get back on their playstations, well there out of luck. They are now unable to change their passwords, and therefore unable to log into psn since a password change is mandatory.

NateCole2453d ago


You mean to say that we were suppose to change our password right after PSN came back on?. Was there an e-mail alerting user to do this?.

DragonKnight2453d ago

Here's a suggestion you might try. Redownload the firmware that forced the password change.

At any rate, the point is that sites go down all the time. Could be any reason, but look at how easy it is to jump on the "it's Sony's fault" bandwagon.

gamingdroid2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

I'm away from my PS3 and can't log in. If I could, I could then move it to my friend's PS3 or something.

As it stands, I'm in limbo and have been this entire time.

Btw, did you guys check out other parts of Sony:

lulzsecurity has the entire unencrypted password list and username online! For your convenience you can even find them on torrents. I won't post the link here, but it is just a Google search away.

What idiot doesn't hash the passowrd? Even the Wordpress blog that any idiot can setup has it hashed.

I'm going to change my password to something unique at Sony, so I don't get screwed again and have to change my password on all my other accounts. Albeit, my passwords have minor variations, it is a pain to have a unique on for each.

DragonKnight2452d ago

No one cares gamingdroid. Everyone knows you hate Sony and blame all of this on them. Go create your own console and online service. Oh wait...

skyblue142132452d ago


I tried to change my account password on both my pc and ps3 because I forgot my new account password that I inputted when sony partially restored the online service, but the particular section of the sony site that takes care of password changes is down for maintenance f.y.i.

gamingdroid2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Yes, yes. We all hate Sony, the press all the people on N4G and every one else in the world.

... or maybe you just happen to love them so much more than everyone else?

Still doesn't change the situation or the facts! Only your view of it.

DragonKnight2452d ago

No no gamingdroid. This isn't about anyone else, or the press or anything like that. I am not concerned about your pitiable attempt at deflection by drudging up a conspiracy theory that you like to shoot down as the opinion of the dimwitted.

YOU hate Sony. YOU blame them for all of this. YOU are sympathetic to hackers and the kind of losers that cause all this trouble. You. Get it? Of course you don't. It's Sony's fault that you're a hacker fanboy right? Pff.

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NateCole2453d ago

Yeah its rather annoying. I didn't really care about the shutdown as a matter of fact i only went back online two days ago but the maintenance page is still up and i can't change my password.

I thought it was just maintenance or due to heavy traffic but it seems like its not and Sony didn't even know about it. I really don't know how much more they can f*ck up like this.

Heads must roll. They have some really really incompetent people working for them. Just one big screw up after another.

HowarthsNJ2452d ago

That is if you know the admin password.

ShinnokDrako2453d ago

I start thinking that the hackers work inside Sony... =P

I'm joking, but what if Sony did something wrong to someone and that person decided to work for them.... to damage them form the inside? Maybe more than one person... =P

nCiTy2452d ago

Or even crazier its like that movie The Departed and the True PSN Hacker works for Sony and is also the person in charge of tracking down who the Hacker is. o.O

lugia 40002453d ago

The objective isn't completed, the passwords are in torrents now, you didn't do shit.

b_one2452d ago

passwords for SonyPictures not PSN

Thump19672452d ago

Question how do you DL the free games I can log in but when I try to download it says I want to purchase

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