Namco confirms Dark Souls European release date

STN Writes:

Namco’s just confirmed that Dark Souls is releasing in Europe on October 7th and in North America on October 4th 2011 for Xbox 360 video game and PS3.

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Yi-Long2633d ago

... in there the option for the original japanese voices?

Daver2633d ago

Same day as Twisted Metal !?!

ger1012633d ago

Oh god, my body will never be ready...but I don't care so BRING IT OOOOONNNNN!!!!

crematory2633d ago

i hope it having checkpoint save this time!

MintBerryCrunch2633d ago

that kind of defeats the purpose of what this game and DS is all about

DragonKnight2633d ago

That would completely ruin the game. It's not supposed to be easy.

JasonBloodbourne2633d ago

yeah checkpoints are for noobs!

TheBand1t2633d ago

I'm going to die

and it will feel sooooo gooood

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