E3 2011 Kinect Games List (all announced / expected / rumored)

123KINECT Writes: E3 is upon us and I’m very excited about it! There was a lot of announcements and rumors about which Kinect game will be showed at the big event, so 123KINECT brings you this list of announced and expected Kinect games for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Please click on game name below for additional details.

This list will be kept up-to-date as more information around the Kinect Games at E3 becomes available. So, be sure to bookmark it and check back later!

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ChronoJoe2753d ago

The best case scenario lineup for Kinect underwhelms.


The problem will be if the lineup for "classic" titles end up not being something to write home about either.

I don't think anyone is expecting much better than that for Kinect, it's classic title everyone want to hear more about, preferably some exclusives.

Bigpappy2753d ago

There is a large segment of 360 userbase, that are very interested in what Kinect could do to make their current games, more interesting (enhanced). it is evident, from the box art for Ghost and ME3, that M$ is about to address this need. How it will turn out is anyone's guess. But to assume it will underwhelm is premature and frankly stupid.

ChronoJoe2753d ago

I mean I'd like to see it integrated into more than 2, decent games. And don't tell me Kinect support for something like Forza 3 is going to take off.

The headtracking, perhaps. Either way I didn't say any individual game would be underwhelming, that seemed to be your assumption (and of course a stupid one) ME3 and GRAW, even the Gears game could feature stellar Kinect integration (doubtful all of them will but eh (I think GRAW will be the one that let's down, due to it being third party)) and the Kinect lineup, would still be pretty underwhelming.

Honestly what I was looking out for were some kinect dedicated, but at the same time, hardcore games. Perhaps an RTS or something like that? Kinect loses all appeal to me when used in collaboration with a controller. Seems to go against the advertised 'controller free gaming'.

Bigpappy2753d ago

So if M$ goes against 'controller free gaming' line in the commercial, that would piss you off. How old are you again? You have no care as to how effective it is implimented as long as they don't break their word. Give me a break son. Just try and think before you type. What you are saying makes no sense, and you seem to be making statement base on what you have seen others post on this site. Stop trying so hard to fit in with the crowd and just say what come from with in.

ChronoJoe2753d ago

Wha? lol

Why do you assume you know what I think? I didn't say I was displeased if they didn't stick to that, I said that's what most appealed to me.

For me the most interesting game so far is Child of Eden, I mean. I know you're obviously a 360 fanboy, and on the defensive, but my comments have been rather positive... so I'm not sure what you're problem is lol

ChronoJoe2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )


MasterCornholio2753d ago

People say that the 360 doesnt have a lot of exclusives but this list proves the opposite. This is fantastic for people who bought the device which are about 10 million Kinect users.

GoldPS32753d ago

Man look at all those awesome games. Sony better watch out MS is bringing tough competition.

Sheikh Yerbouti2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I wish they distinguished between tacked on and full-fledged Kinect titles, plus indicate which titles would also be on the Move.

Otherwise, Kinect seems more promising than the Move, at least for E3. Killzone and Socom so far is the best game experience using motion controls imho. But with Project Draco, Steel long will that last.

Bring it!

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