Duke Nukem Forever: Graphic Comparison - Minimum vs. Maximum Details

Here's a good slider comparison for Duke Nukem Forever. It features the minimum and maximum settings of Duke Nukem Forever and says that it runs at 60 FPS with all details, and at more than 100 FPS with minimum details. It's a german site, so don't pay attention to the text.

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kookie2669d ago

I hate this website, its slow

marichuu2669d ago

The demo looks like something from 2005 or so. I hope the final version looks better.

LightofDarkness2668d ago

Yeah, Doom 3 engine quality. So turning up to maximum quality gives you sharper textures and... turns everything blue?

RankFTW2668d ago

I just finished the demo on my PS3. The graphics aren't very good but it's great fun and any Duke fan should love it.

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