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NowGamer takes to the streets of New Marais to see how Cole's second outing turns out.

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extermin8or2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

What the Fuck, Having played the demo how is the sound worth 5.4/10?? It's really quite good and they go against most other reviews I have seen and why is sound not mentioned within the review?? I mean by all means give it whatever score you want but at least justify every score you give and why do they have a "worse than" section bit negative isn't it???

Edit: And rereading the review it sounds almost as though the guy has an issue with sandbox games and sequels in general... also note they've actually said sound and gameplay are worse in this than the 1st...

Peaceful_Jelly2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

he doesn't like sandbox games and he used the sound to drag down the score. All of his complains from the game are stuff like: "repetitive missions"... You know this is the typical area where all sandbox games fail.

TimmyShire2725d ago

He doesn't say he doesn't like sandbox games, he says people who don't won't like it - but those who do will love it.

If there's problems with the games then there's problems with it. I think people who liked the last one will probably love this though.

extermin8or2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

@Timmy Shire: But the way I'm seeing it is someone is lying here; because I've seen several good reviews 8's and 9's from some german sites, IGN ect also and now this so either they were giving it to high a score or nowgamer are giving it too low a score he starts off the review by saying sequels go into 2 catagorys most of the time and neither sound like a place you want to be in really doesn't sound like an objective unbiased review... It sounds like someone with a vendetta against the genre and sequels. Sandbox game surely you assign someone who actually likes sandbox games to review it?

Ju2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

@TimmyShire, If that is true, I wonder how GTA, LA Noire and Red Dead can ever get those high scores.

And, well, I know, over all is not the average of all scores, but the lowest - besides the sound - is 7.7, yet the over all is 7.3? Longevity is 9.1 yet it is repetitive. What? Looks like a collection of random numbers to me.

SoapShoes2725d ago

@TimmyShire - That is just retarded! That's like giving Call of Duty a 5/10 and saying if you like the FPS genre you'll love it but if you don't you'll hate it.... You could do this for EVERY game and EVERY genre!!!

I played the demo and it's just miles better than the first one.

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TimmyShire2725d ago

That's fair I guess. I read it in a different way, but I don't think it's a negative review.

7.3 is a good score. I enjoyed the first and this review says if I enjoyed that I'll enjoy this, so I'm still excited.

Too much emphasis on scores these days.

extermin8or2725d ago

I saw the score and read through the review several times and was suprised that sound and graphics weren't really mentioned at all, and then saw the score given to sound I mean clearly the guy thinks it's an issue yet he hasn't incl;uded it in his review? I just find that annoying the point of reviews is to help people know what games are worth their money yet he doesn't actually outline something he clearly feels is a real issue?

SuperM2725d ago

To a certain degree i agree. However games getting 7ish scores are almost always boring and uninspiring games. If a game scores 7.3 across the board i would not buy that game.

However im pretty certain this game will get mostly 9/10 scores and im also pretty certain i will like it. But if you give the sound 5/10 then you better give a really good reason for it. If you dont then it seems like the reviewer just wants to give the game a low score. There is no excuse for that.

If i buy the game and it turns out the sound is actually great then that would be enough to forever disregard nowgamer as a serious gaming site. Ofcourse the sound could be crap although i find it strange that sony would release the game in such a state, but if it is, it should be explained in the review.

Ju2725d ago

This is an open world game with graphics fidelity of UC2 (based on what I see in the demo). No slow down, no hick up, no tear, no pop in. Yet, lately, this whole aspect of games - now that they actually fixed all those early issues - is nowhere to be found in reviews any more. How so? Are we too spoiled so we don't need to point out the technical aspect of a game any more?

jimmins2725d ago

inFamous 2 really, REALLY boring. This review being rather kind, actually.

chidori6662725d ago

shhhh, don't talk this for fanboys...:P

PRHB HYBRiiD2725d ago

i played the demo and idk... it felt like infamous 1 just with better graphics...and that's not bad but i just feel like im playing the same game again ..same sounds,same climbing mechanics and the missions are pretty similar .. on the other hand the graphics are a great upgrade and the new powers are cool,and cole is faster so u can move from point a to point b faster and the added those cinematic moments i think ill give it a 7.50 / 10

Zynga2725d ago

@PRHB HYBRiiD I also felt the same way man. The demo didnt impress me at all. It felt more of the same old with better visuals and a few extra powers here and there. The cities enviroments were meh to me, i liked the way the first one looked. Also the game was still too easy even on hard mode. :(

LNDCalling2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Boring because its a sequel??..

If that's the case then I can think of numerous generic FPS games that are worse.. COD to name but one!...

Hey if you liked the first and this appeals play it.. It is a sequel but that's kinda the point, to find out what happens, if they changed the whole mechanics of the game it wouldn't be a sequal in my mind and they would would likely piss a lot of people off..

I enjoyed the first immensely, in fact it was first game in a while that I found hard to put down and I look forward to getting my copy of inFamous 2 :)

Reviews are just one persons opinion, nothing more nothing less.. don't let them rule the games you play/enjoy!

HeavenlySnipes2725d ago

do know that you wer playing a demo right? Not even close to having the stuff from the full game?

rob60212725d ago

Why don't other open world games that are equally boring get knocked too then? Like red dead and GTA.

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TBM2725d ago

I've said it in other articles but no reviews, or the amount of people hating on it will stop me from buying and enjoying the hell out of this game.

Played demo multiple times and enjoyed it more and more each time. Tuesday where the hell are you?


Extermin8or: Bubble added for being funny. I will say this. Scores don't always matter it's all a matter of opinion and than there are times when it does matter and its universal, where everyone agrees a certain game is good and bad. Lastly, there are those that will destroy a game just for the hell of it, just so they can get hit for there website and that they have some grudge against a video game publisher

egidem2725d ago

Personally, I find this game AWESOME. I've played the demo and I am going to replay it again very soon!

Oh crazy as this score may seem, unfortunately not everyone can like it. There's always bound to be someone around who doesn't think that the game deserves say a 9.5/10.

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Mr-Dude2725d ago

Í don't read reviews about exclusive games anymore, they have the habbit to be ehm...really crap!
Look at KZ3, al those so called ''journalist'' who took points because it whas to much like COD???

yeah, screw u! And the lengt of the game? Yeah srew u to...u rushed mate!

So, i played the demo of infamous 2 and i liked it! So keep your silly reviews at your own!

PandaJenkins2725d ago

uhhh the review is the opinion of the reviewer.... you don't have to agree with the author but why tell them to keep it to themselves? its like saying you should keep your opinion to yourself. I really don't get people sometimes >_>

Mr-Dude2725d ago

Because, sometimes i don't get the journalist.
They want games what bring change into a game, but then always they nagging about this, and that.
Offcourse its a opinion, but sometimes their opinion really annoys me...

That why i never read a review....I play the game, and when its crap o well...I have the luxery to buy games, and here in Holland whe can;t rent a game like in the US...

Veeger2725d ago

If it's a PS3 exclusive, +2 to the score given by "gaming journalists". If it's a 360 exclusive, -2 from the score. Works for me.

velcry2725d ago

Strange though. I looked through Nowgamer's other reviews, and I can't them any of their other scores being listed on Metacritic, so I can't even see whether Nowgamer has been rating games higher or lower than industry average.

gustave1542725d ago

yup i don't trust this review...

MasterCornholio2725d ago

Score seems a bit low. Suckerpunch are really good devs and the first one received great scores all over the place. I find it odd that Suckerpunch dropped the ball with this title and made it worth a 7.

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