F1 2011 Fact Sheet Revealed

ZG Writes: We popped up some images of the upcoming F1 2011 below, and the local SA distributor of the game (Megarom) has just sent us a factsheet of the game. F1 and driving sim gamers prepare to be thrilled. The game releases on September the 24th on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

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DiffusionE2752d ago

Still no safety-car or warm-up lap?

r0gueZA2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Doesn't look like it. I dont know why safety cars are never implemented. It would bring in a whole new dimenssion.

DiffusionE2752d ago

It's one of the reasons why I felt F1 2010 was very incomplete. Someone crash and stops in the middle of the track, yellow flags are waved and the car/debris disappears after a few seconds.

I wonder if it's sheer laziness on the developers' part or it's just too hard to implement. Because RFactor had a pretty decent safety-car feature.

Daves2752d ago

Safety car would be welcome, but I have been in some races where the safety car would have been out for the entire race :)

Needs careful consideration.

hyper-ham2752d ago

Not including the safety car is making it hard for me to buy the new version. Sure they have lot of nice improvements, but its still essentially what they previously offered.

Though I would like to try KERS and DRS....

Pintheshadows2752d ago

2010 was really good. I like everyone else though was surprised at the lack of a safety car. It is kind of a big thing to leave out. As with the previous game it looks stunning.

dorron2752d ago

Safety-Car please!!!!