Sony 'Considering' 3G Multiplayer for NGP

Speaking to NowGamer vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe Michael Denny has revealed that Sony is looking at plans for bringing 3G options to NGP

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Istanbull2749d ago

This is not news. Back in January they said the NGP will be availbe in 2 options:

Non 3G and 3G models.

MintBerryCrunch2749d ago

in terms of MP...its believed that MP will be done through wi-fi...the 3G would be for D/L games/apps...accessing the internet and so on

they are looking at all options as the interview we'll see what they decide to implement

fastrez2749d ago

3G multiplayer would surely be expensive and a strain on the network. Will be cool to see how it pans out.

blumatt2749d ago

Yeah, 3G would be hard on the network if it's gonna be used for online multiplayer. It'll most likely be just for downloading apps/games. However, I'd love to be able to play online multiplayer anywhere. Would be sick!

xAlmostPro2749d ago

3g multiplayer wuld be a lagfest tbh, trying to play online via a mobile network.. no thanks lol

i'll be getting the non 3g model most likely anyway

Ju2749d ago

3G MP will be there as was said before. It is one of the major goals of the device. However, I'd like to see what latency 3G introduces to online play. Technically it is no different than WiFi. All the App/Game sees is an IP connection. The rest is simple handled by the OS.

Zir02749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

So currently you can't play online games on the go, only with Wifi?

Which means online gaming can only really be played at home, which no one would do since they could just play their PS3.

Looks like one of the biggest draws of the NGP got taken away :(

Those still require you to remain in the same place meaning you can't play online "on-the-go" which it what I'm getting at. And I doubt anyone will bother hunting down a rare free hotspot just to play their NGP.

MintBerryCrunch2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

i guess you never heard of wi-fi hotspots


who plays games on the go?? that argument is weak imo...if im walking attention is on where im going...once i get there is when i put my focus towards gaming

creamsoda2749d ago

Haha I know right? Especially these days walking around with an NGP around your most likely gonna dropt it, get it stolen, or lose it. I will only play it at home.

Ju2749d ago

As a passenger in a car? Bus? Any kind of public transportation without a hot spot?

TrevorPhillips2749d ago

I just literally had a heart attack after reading that!

Cannot wait for the NGP xD

creamsoda2749d ago

I wonder how far the wi-fi will be.. Like 100 feet radius to a hotspot?

MasterCornholio2749d ago

If multiplayer can be done well with 3G i say go ahead. Would be awesome to be in the middle of nowhere and play a game online with a bunch of friends.

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