E3 Kills Good Games

Somewhere under a sea of frothing marketing spittle and fanboy jism, an oceanic liner’s worth of really interesting games is sunk.

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jimmins2755d ago

Having been to E3 myself for the last 3 years running, yes, that's a totally fair comment. Too many great games get lost in the ether, crushed under the weight of the Halos and the GT5s.

PS3Almeida2755d ago

Replace GT5 with COD and you are good to go

Shanks2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

"CALL OF DUTY ELITE!!! HALO!!! OMG it’s ZELDA: SKYWARD SWORD!!! Look that’s THE ELDER SCROLLS VI: SKYRIM!!! Holy Chrysanthemum they’ve confirmed a FREAKING NEW XBOX!!! Jees louise – Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have announced joint venture MEGAIP: THE MOST GFX GAME."

How can you talk about "GFX" games and not mention PS3 games?
Oh I see why :)

Biglet2755d ago

Hah! Fair comment :) Uncharted 2 does look stunning.

MidnytRain2755d ago

Maybe we should have all stopped reading at: "Look that’s THE ELDER SCROLLS VI: SKYRIM!!!" It was apparent there that he didn't know what he was talking about, lol. It's called PAX dude.

rob60212755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Watching the latest Gears3, Skyrim, Prey2, MW3, and Tomb Raider trailers, it's sad they seem to show very little actual gameplay in favor of tricking people into liking a game.

blizzard_cool2755d ago

Actually that's the point of those trailers and if they managed to do that then they're good trailers (as in they accomplished their goal).

EZMickey2755d ago

It's marketing.

Although I do think it would be awesome if E3 played host to presenting up and coming indie games, it's unfair to pin their lack of success on E3.

You can make a great game, but there are proper channels to go through to make your game popular. You can't just blame the event that is popular because you aren't succeeding at getting attention.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo PAY MONEY to get that much coverage. If you don't have that much money you need to put in your own leg work to earn as much attention.

Look at Minecraft, what kind of advertising budget did that game start out with? Virtually nothing. Word of mouth, sharing, promoting, they did that themselves, they didn't whine and expect hand outs.

I don't mean to be so hard, it's not that this article doesn't have a interesting perspective, it's that it's not even well written.

Biglet2755d ago

That's the point - I applaud Minecraft's success but it's an anomalous example. E3 is about promoting the video games industry as a whole but it seems to me that the companies with the most money get to swamp everything else. The model for the event conflicts with its ethos and it needs to change.

EZMickey2754d ago

I can't disagree with that at all. There should be an accessible platform through which indie devs could showcase their goods at E3, but it's not to say that E3 is the only accessible platform.

I'd hope to see some growth in that department in the future of E3, but for now all I can do is applaud you for making the only smart counter argument this poor website has seen in forever :P