FIFA 12's key features detailed "EA have just released a handful of brand new details about the upcoming FIFA 12, including additional info about the game’s highly touted new Player Impact engine. No release date is currently..."

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Yi-Long2751d ago

... but just fix the replays so you can save more then 5, upload more then 5, allow for longer replays, and if you want to re-watch them from your own HDD, keep it possible to check it from all angles, instead of having to use the crappy 'Highlight Theater'!

Ow, and include a player-editor that's IN-GAME, like the old Game-face editor in Tiger Woods, instead of having to go through an EA-website which only offers a sucky editor.

I love my FIFA, but these are things that should have been resolved ages ago already, considering PES5 did all this right already in 2004!

krazykombatant2751d ago

It would also be nice if we could change the kits at the end of each season. But i guess that would kill sales for at least 2-4 seasons (games)

Mr Patriot2751d ago

FIFAIL ... PES all the way baby