Where to watch live streaming video of E3 2011

Catch all the announcements and surprises at this year's E3 with live streaming video of all the major conferences.

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Surfaced2666d ago

Very helpful links. Wasn't sure where to watch many of them yet, and I don't have cable TV.


MintBerryCrunch2665d ago

if you had to bet imo is GTTV...their quality ends up being the best from what i've seen and the connection is steady

trounbyfire2665d ago

well i'll be running two tv on monday
one with G4 sony & rest
the other tv will be using my ps3 to stream it in home that way when ps blog guys do a demo in home i can watch it while g4 does it coverage

Two tvs

xYLeinen2665d ago

I'm watching mine at Gametrailers and I'll be having Gamespot running in the background for back up.

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