5 Platformers That Time Forgot

Garvaos from Plus XP writes "We as gamers must have at some point in our lives played games such as Sonic the hedgehog, or Super Mario. These are classic examples of 2D platforming games. Of corse like most genres of games they evolve over time. You then get such classics as the original Spyro the dragon and crash bandicoot, still platforming games but on a 3D plane.

As with all gaming genres there is always some great titles that get lost in the past, that are stuck with no sequels or are just left to fester in a corner. So I am here today to take you back in time and show you some great platforming games that time forgot."

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MultiConsoleGamer2750d ago

I didn't even know about the Duke Nukem games.

RaymondM2749d ago

Oh man, i havent seen the side scroller duke nukems in forever. good stuff