RPG Fans unite! Final Fantasy XIII reduced down to only $19.34

Conflicting Gamers - "Say what you want about it, but I enjoyed the HELL out of Final Fantasy XIII. I felt it was definitely a step in the right direction for the Final Fantasy franchise. Being a huge fan of the classic FF’s, not to mention Chrono Trigger, I just love the original turn based RPG’s."

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CDbiggen2727d ago

I've seen it reduced to £7 brand new in my local Asda (UK).

waltyftm2727d ago

I really tried to like this game, Just felt wrong compared to 7,8,10 and 12, Which Asda was it BTW.

CDbiggen2727d ago

Bournemouth. It was on the same shelf with classics such as Haze, Wet, Damnation and Far Cry 2. Need I say more?

FFXI1012727d ago

I did too, twice! I just can't.

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tplarkin72727d ago

It's worth 10 bucks, used. If you want the achievements, expect to grind for well over 100 hours.

By grinding, I mean fighting the same battle over-and-over. There's a wolf-dog fighting a beast in the north highlands. It's the only battle that gives decent points.

Also, there's no New Game Plus. All that hard work is wasted if you want to replay the game. And you won't want to replay it.

RedDead2727d ago

RPG fans....probably already played it and threw it in the bin

AllroundGamer2727d ago

and i as a RPG fan almost puked on the DVDs...

Troll-without-Bridge2727d ago

I have the JP version, thank you very much. ^_^

itani2727d ago

This game isn't even worth £5. The most disappointing & boring FF I've ever played.

bangoskank2727d ago

Final Fantasy fans will not unite because this isn't a true Final Fantasy game.

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The story is too old to be commented.