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tdogg060519912671d ago

They ripped ss4 super combos pretty well

Redempteur2671d ago

by having them in soul 3 and 4 before ?


Legionaire20052671d ago

Fighters in 3D right where it should be!!! Soul Cailbur 5 yes!!! 2012 before the world ends lol

FishCake9T42671d ago

It just looks like SC4 if you ask me.

Redempteur2671d ago

SC4 is beautifull .. what it lacked was content and a proper netcode.

JeepGamer2671d ago

Sophitia's kids taking over where mom and aunt Cassandra left off.

Edito2671d ago

This game is mehhh could be Soul Calibur IV DLC don't get me wrong but it didn't impress me at all.

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