IGN - The Witcher 2: From PC to Xbox 360

IGN - CD Projekt Red recently let the world know its role-playing sequel, The Witcher 2, is coming to Xbox 360. That's great news for those who play only on Microsoft's console or don't have a PC with enough power to get the game running, because The Witcher 2 happens to be one of the best role-playing games in years.

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IHateYouFanboys2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

excellent news for Microsoft and the 360.

terrible news for the 'the 360 has no exclusives' sony fanboys.

some good info in the interview too:

"We decided to release on 360 after the PC because we weren't sure about being able to move forward simultaneously on two platforms with the required focus. And compromise was out of the question since it would affect the quality on both. So, we decided to go our own way – for which our company is pretty well known. First, we committed ourselves to making the best possible PC game, and now, we're doing exactly the same on the Xbox version. "

"IGN: The Witcher 2 on PC is one of the prettiest games in existence with all the settings cranked up. Can you talk about the process of trying to transfer the same kind of visual quality to a console? Is it possible? And if not, what sorts of concessions need to be made?

John Mamais: To put it simply, we're aiming to deliver the best-looking Xbox title ever. There are some trade-offs in changing platforms, but mainly related to their respective capabilities. We created our game assets at the highest quality level, and the textures and models were made to be as efficient as possible. So we have a solid graphical base, and we know it runs on the 360. What's left is primarily a matter of post-processing. "

"The number of spoken languages we ship with for the 360 will probably be the main determining factor in regard to the number of disks. This has yet to be finalized. "

MintBerryCrunch2729d ago

i guess your definition of "exclusive" means multi-platform

last time i checked it was still on pc

TheDareDevil2729d ago

It's a Microsoft exclusive. Just like when the NGP comes out, there'll be more Sony exclusives and less PS3 exclusives

MrBeatdown2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )


More like "On PC and 360. CONFIRMED."

I'm sure I'll get disagrees from those who just don't like to hear it, but nothing in that interview rules out a PS3 version. They focused on the PC version first, and have moved on to the 360 version. They said pretty clearly they are working towards multi-platform. For all you know, their strategy is to focus on one platform at a time, to make it the best, rather than dividing the team.

And hell, people should be figuring it out by now. Anything that doesn't have Sony or Microsoft logos plastered on the front of it (like Mass Effect 2, Bioshock, and Portal 2), can and probably will end up on both consoles as long as the devs have the motivation to do it.

somerandomdude2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

This isn't a game being developed by Microsoft or a xbox exclusive, make sure everyone relizes it is being developed by a small company called CD Projekt. They are very well known and loved by us PC gamers too.

MrBeatdown2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

10 disagrees and not one reply. Interesting. Seems nobody has anything to counter what I said. Not surprising since it's pretty firmly based on logic, common sense, and the trend of everything going multiplatform. Like for example, XCOM, that 360 "exclusive"... yeah, that's coming to PS3 now. Oh, and Metal Gear. I hear that's on 360 now.

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showtimefolks2729d ago

timed exclusive

i hate fanboys on both sides and you guys with one bubble who have 10 accounts so you just leave a comment than sign on with another account just to agree with yourself

i am glad i will have something to play for xbox360 in 2012 yeh i know its coming out in 2011 just look at my games i am getting already this has to wait

resistance 3
forza 4
gears 3
saints row 3
MGS Hd collection
uncharted 3
twisted metal
darkness 2

and i am sure i am forgetting a few i mean what the world is ending or something fall 2011 is just becoming crazy by each passing day

and just like kojima announcing mgs2,3 and pw along with ZOE1-2 and SH2-3 for both xbox360/ps3

this will be on ps3 in 2012

its not like ps3 gamers won't have exclusive games to play in fall 2011

so please leave this fanboy stuff out

theIMP2729d ago

Yep there's nothing better than having all platform so you have to miss nothing.

radphil2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

"terrible news for the 'the 360 has no exclusives' . "

How the hell can you call that an exclusive when it's being ported from the PC... >_>

It's still a platform last I checked.

radphil2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Glad to know 8 people on this site don't consider PC a platform....
I swear kids these days.

The_Nameless_One2729d ago

ummm. You know we can click on the link and read the interview ourselves. You just Copy/Pasted the part that served your position. If you wanted so much to share information from the interview then you could have just made a bullet point summation. But hey at least you put in the most retarded "comment of the day" on n4g. Be proud, GO TEAM RETARD!

KRATOS-PS32729d ago

They still can't reach the Level of a God of War 3

LocO_o2729d ago

Are you comparing an RPG with a QTE hack and slash game - since your at it lets compare Grand Tourismo with Grand Theft auto.

Valkyre2729d ago

how is this terrible news lol? The fact that you get a chopped PC version of a multiplatform game is terrible news for Sony?


Well it sure as hell is great news for you. You are so excited for a semi exclusive game! Its logical come to think of it, since you guys have forgotten what an exclusive game is. lol have fun Sony has 20+ exclusives on standby...

Oh and dont forget to enjoy Kinectimals!!11!!1oneone!111!

theIMP2729d ago

Wow, I think you just earned the, “jealous douche bag comment of the day”, award.

mac_sparrow2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

I have this game on my PC, it's not an Xbox 360 exclusive. My new pc is an i7 950, 8GB of Corsair RAM, and an soc 560 ti. The Witcher 2 is indeed a very good looking game, but no way will it look like it does now when it's on the 360. Strange thing is, that's not the biggest issue; the biggest issue is I genuinely thought it'd play well with a gamepad, and it just doesn't.

Still think that a Witcher game with a Return of the King style combat system would work better than it does at present, just make the circle button signs instead of melee.

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Veeger2729d ago

"terrible news for the 'the 360 has no exclusives' sony fanboys"

This made me laugh for minutes.

dragunrising2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Poor grammar aside, its a little concerning you were laughing for "minutes." Find a new hobby instead of trolling comments. Perhaps you could play games instead.

Veeger2729d ago

You got me interested. Please explain poor grammar.

LaChance2729d ago

"This made me laugh for minutes."

The life of a Sony fanboy...miserable.

dragunrising2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Do I have to spell it out for you? OK. I wasn't referring to your grammar but the grammar of the person you were attacking. Why in the world you find that sentence (the one you were commenting on)so funny, I'll never understand. Bad grammar is so funny! Dur!

SKUD2729d ago

So does this mean its gonna have run and gun multi player?.

MasterCornholio2729d ago

SO where are the fanboys who are going to bash the 360 for getting the game late? Because i remember when Mass Effect 2 came out on the PS3 people were bashing the heck out of it because it came a year later on sonys console.

Anyways if its comming later because they are going to code it specifically for the 360 and not just port it over then thats a good thing for 360 owners. However i will say this i do not believe that the 360 version will be the same as the PS3 one. I dont doubt that it will look good its just that it wont be on the same level as the PC. However the difference should not be as big as Metro though.

Max_Dissatisfaction2729d ago

Of course the 360 version will not look like the ps3 one. . .there is no ps3 one to look like

MasterCornholio2729d ago

Oh crap i mean PC not PS3. Thks for pointing out my error.

WitWolfy2729d ago

Best news Ive read in a LONG time! Wow first MGS HD now this...Man it feels good to be a gamer!!!!

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