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Godmars2902724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Most CG trailers do. No guarantee that the actual game looks good, much less has decent gamplay.

Indeed it does :D

Sorry to sound like a stick in the mud, but there have been waaaay too many bad games with good CG movies. Way too many.

crxss2724d ago

CG looks great! Not too pleased with the release date though. Let's hope for some actual gameplay at E3.

sunnygrg2724d ago

Looks great, but I wouldn't have mind some gameplay footage in it though.

Peppino72724d ago

That looked sick. The last part with her walking with the ship in the background actually looked like it could have been doable gameplay. The trailer was amazing until it said another year and a half away! DAMMIT!

zeeshan2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

UNCHARTED 3 reveal trailer had a crashed plane and Tomb Raider reboot's trailer has a crashed ship! Hmm... :)

I am sure next gen graphics will look like that or even better! Can't wait for the next gen already :)

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Christopher2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

It does look good, but please note that this is not what you will see in the game, especially not on the consoles. It might be close to the in-engine levels on the PC, but still not equal. This is a CGI trailer, though.

jellybalboa2724d ago

howd u get so many bubbles? give me some

tdogg060519912724d ago

1:22 Sully from Uncharted?

Quagmire2724d ago

Imagine their child....

although, i dont think Elena will be very pleased

Marcello2724d ago

It looked good but the CGI intro of Onimusha 3 Demon Siege by ROBOT is way beter & its 7 years old now.

Whoever it was at GT who said this new Tomb Raider CGI was the best ever doesnt know his stuff.

wallis2724d ago

Actually I agree. There are better CGI trailers, I don't know the one you're on about but I think the CGI intro to stalker SoC is more photo realistic than this.

Saladfax2723d ago

While I won't say that the Demon Siege intro wasn't incredibly awesome, it didn't quite have the fidelity of this one.

Plus, it's a hard comparison anyway, considering it's fantasy versus attempted realism.

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MoDyDo2724d ago

Holy cow this is amazing and an interesting new direction

rajman2724d ago

Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft...who wins?

colonel1792724d ago

Nathan Drake WITH Lara Croft together in a game!... (developed by Naughty Dog)

Christopher2724d ago


Please don't create another inane comparison. Just be happy there are developers out there making games we can all enjoy. Let them each stand on their own, and it's likely we will enjoy both of them for what they each bring to the table.

ReservoirDog3162724d ago

*slow clap*

I wouldn't say you need bubbles but why not?


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Klipz-Wish2724d ago

This looks very promising

birdy9662724d ago

Even though this is a CGI trailer, I am now looking forward to this, I love how they made this younger Lara still resemble to older Lara, looks like it could rival uncharted

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