Duke Nukem Forever Demo Size Revealed

George Broussard from 3D Realms has revealed tonight the demo size for the Club Access only demo of Duke Nukem Forever.

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Hitman07692630d ago

I don't really care what size since all my stuff has hard drives with plenty of space!!! Lemme upgrade yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

showtimefolks2630d ago

i just recently bought borderlands goty edition since my copy of BL was lost. I bought even though i have all dlc on HD but goty was like 19.99 plus at the time i didn't know about demo code

itani2630d ago

Why does demo size matter?

LoaMcLoa2630d ago

Because of people with slow internet, low on HD-space?

itani2629d ago

As you go to download it tells you how large the demo size is :S

steve30x2629d ago

Low on High Definition Space?

-MD-2630d ago

Anyone willing to trade their pc code for my 360 code? PM me.

SKUD2630d ago

This is a trap. You've been warned.

ChrisW2630d ago

Ah-ha! It's MurderDoll.

MasterD9192630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Downloading right now. The First Access website definitely was flooded with demo key requests because it took forever to get one.

Demo size does matter- I'm still waiting.

jophus2630d ago

1.53 gb on XBL. Just finished the demo. I've, of course, been anticipating this for a while now....

And it ain't bad. I'm thinking this demo is straight from nearly a year ago at E3, if not..then..well....

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