GT Pop-Block: Debut Trailer HD for Modern warfare 3

All the secrets of the debut trailer revealed!

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bwazy2751d ago

The more secret secret is the secret fact that they secretly dont want us to know that their only secret is that they rehashed the MW2 engine and added more techno music.

Thats super duper. I'm gonna go play Mrs. Pacman now became its a TOTALLY different game than Pacman

(see wut I did thar?)

kingjoker342751d ago

Why comment on the article if you are not saying anything helpful. tanks for the 2 millionth comment about the old engine. cause we all needed to hear it again.
c wut i did thar?

Corepred42751d ago

i saw what you did thar. b!tch and complain like so many other people that have no interest in the game, lol.

Hazmat132751d ago

wait so Elder scrolls V Skyrim, Uncharted 3 drakes deception, Battlefield 3, Saints Row The Third, Modern Warfare 3 all on november.... shit....

Dart892751d ago

Umm you forgot the MGS HD collection.

Hazmat132751d ago

big games of 2011 not Hd remakes.....

Killzone3___2751d ago

i don't think battlefield will release in november , i don't care about saint row 3 , so the only games gonna buy it are uncharted 3 - skyrim and Mw3 , that's it .. if what {Dart89 } says true then that's another game im buying :) ..

birdy9662751d ago

when the XMEN ad came up and the boat got hit by a missile i was like "WHOA LOOK AT MODERN WARFARE 3!" but then I remembered,that doesn't look like the same engine used in Cod 4,MW2 and black ops! So therefore it can't be the next COD game

Silly me!